Graduate Placement

YearDissertation TitleAdvisorInitial PlacementCurrent Position
2015-16Species, Humans, and TransformationsHallUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (post-doc)Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University (post-doc)
2015-16The Social Constitution of the Body: Bodily Alienation and Bodily IntegrityKellyFlorida International University (TT)Florida International University (TT)
2015-16Loving, Valuing, Regretting, and Being OneselfScanlonCenter for Ethics in Society, Stanford University (post-doc)Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University (post-doc)
2015-16Kant's Science of the Moral World and Moral ObjectivityKorsgaard  
2015-16Rational Reconstruction and the Construction of an InterlocutorHallUniversity of Chicago Law School, Law and Philosophy Fellow (post-doc)Massachusetts Institute of Technology (post-doc)
2014-15Essays on Biological IndividualityGodfrey-SmithDalhousie University (post-doc)Dalhousie University (post-doc)
2014-15The Self-Body Problem in Descartes and MalebrancheSimmonsTemple University (TT)Temple University (TT)
2014-15'Making People Happy, Not Making Happy People': A Defense of the Asymmetry Intuition in Population EthicsScanlonPrinceton University (TT)Princeton University (TT)
2014-15On Perception's Role in Aristotle's EpistemologyJonesBoston University (TT)Boston University (TT)
2014-15The Normative Structure of RationalityScanlonQueen's University (post-doc)Queen's University (post-doc)
2013-14Rights and Institutions in Intellectual PropertyScanlon Private Employment
2013-14The Marriage of Rationalism & Empiricism: A New Approach to the Access Problem.HallAustralian National University (post-doc)Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (post-doc)
2013-14Wrongs without RightsKorsgaardWharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Legal Studies & Business Ethics Program (TT)Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Legal Studies & Business Ethics Program (TT)
2013-14The Power of a Practical Conclusion Universidad de los Andes, Chile (post-doc)ICS, University of Navarra, Spain (non-TT)
2013-14Conceptualism & Objectivity in Locke's Account of Natural KindsSimmonsSt. Michael's College (TT)St. Michael's College (TT)
2013-14Duties of Rescue: a Moderate AccountBerker Private Employment
2013-14No Metaphysics Within Physics? HallUniversity of Birmingham (TT)Yale University (TT)
2012-13Knowledge in ActionKellyKoç University, Turkey (TT)Koç University, Turkey (TT)
2012-13The Commonwealth as Agent: Group Action, the Common Good, & the General WillKorsgaardBates College (non-TT)Bates College (non-TT)
2012-13Global Institutions and Relations among Non-Co-CitizensScanlonSeoul National University (TT)Seoul National University (TT)
2011-12Topics in Philosophical LogicGoldfarbUniversity of Oslo (post-doc)University of Texas, Austin (TT)
2010-11Gilbert Ryle & Maurice Merleau-Ponty's Adverbialist Theory of MindMoranUniversity of Toronto (post-doc)SUNY Stony Brook (TT)
2010-11Neutrality, Independence & Publicity: a Kantian Account of Political LegitimacyKorsgaardUniversity of Pittsburgh (non-TT) 
2010-11Investigations into the Applicability of GeometryParsonsUniversity of Minnesota (post-doc)Carleton College (TT)
2010-11Bodily Sensations: Nature, Location, & ExtentSiegelUniversity of Delhi (non-TT)Ashoka University (TT)
2010-11Morality & Other Values: A Contractualist PerspectiveScanlonKorea University (TT)Korea University (TT)
2009-10Idealization, Explanation & FictionGodfrey-SmithVan Leer Jerusalem Institute, Israel (post-doc)Hebrew University of Jerusalem (TT)
2009-10Justice, Unequal Talents, & the MarketScanlonPrinceton University (post-doc)Bowdoin College (TT)
2009-10Reasoning as ActionSiegelBard College (TT)Bard College (TT)
2008-09An Epistemological Argument for Moral Response-DependenceKorsgaardUniversity of Oxford (post-doc)Central European University (Budapest) (TT)
2008-09Divorcing the Good & the RightScanlonHarvard University (post-doc)Claremont McKenna College (TT)
2008-09Extending and Ending Life in Health Care and BeyondKamm Private Employment
2008-09Nonsense, Truth, & IneffabilityGoldfarb University of Pittsburgh (TT)
2007-08The Structure of ThoughtSiegelWashington University (post-doc)York University (TT)
2007-08A Study of Rational IntuitionSimmons University of Miami (TT)
2007-08In Defense of Phenomenalism: Why Berkeley is Not All WrongSimmonsSyracuse UniversityCarleton University (TT)
2007-08What Lies Within: Essays on Phenomenology, Psychology, & Self-KnowledgeMoranNew College of Florida (post-doc)Colgate University (non-TT)
2007-08Practical Reason & the Structure of Reflective AgencyMoranUniversity of New Mexico-AlbuquerqueBoston University (TT)
2007-08Your Money or Your Life: Coercion in Personal & Political ContextsKorsgaardNew York UniversityUniversity of Pittsburgh (TT)
2007-08The Groundwork for Kant's Metaphysics of ExperienceParsonsUniversity of OklahomaCentre College (TT)
2007-08Agency & the Mind-Body ProblemMoranBryn Mawr CollegePrivate Employment
2006-07Punishment as Negative ReciprocityScanlon Private Employment
2006-07Vehicles of Meaning: Essays on Semantic Context-Dependence in Speech & Thought Columbia University (non-TT)Private Employment
2006-07Freedom, Fairness & ResponsibilityScanlonSt. John's College, University of Cambridge (non-TT)University of York (TT)
2005-06Contextualism & SkepticismMoran Willamette University
Academic YearPh.D.s awardedNo. on job marketNo. entering job market for the first timeNo. initially placed in academic positionsNo. initially placed in tenure-track positions


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