Advising Information

The Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies serve as concentration advisors for all philosophy concentrators. Students should speak with them about their intended course of study in the concentration; about course and tutorial selection each semester; about any problems that might arise during their studies; about whether to write a thesis and how to prepare to do so; and about plans and preparation for post-graduation life.

Study Cards

Concentrators' study cards, drop/add petitions and the like must be signed by either the DUS, Associate DUS, or the Assistant DUS.

Advisement and Office Hours

In addition to the  DUS, Associate DUS, and Assistant DUS, concentrators may contact the MBB Advisor or the Philosophy Department Coordinator with questions and concerns.

Office hours for members of the Undergraduate Study Office are by appointment only.

To make an appointment please use the following link.

Director of Undergraduate Studies

The  DUS is responsible for all "official" matters connected with the concentration, as well as advising students.

Associate and Assistant Directors of Undergraduate Studies

The Associate DUS, and Assistant DUS are available to advise students on shaping their program, on course and tutorial selection, and on how to approach their studies.

MBB Advisor

The MBB Advisor is responsible for matters concerning the Mind/Brain/Behavior Philosophy Track.

Department Coordinator

The Department Coordinator works in the Tutorial Office (Emerson 303) and is one of the the best sources for information about the concentration.