Harvard Logic Colloquium

  • 2018 Mar 22

    Harvard Logic Colloquium: Donald Martin (UCLA)

    4:00pm to 5:00pm


    Logic Center, Room 420, 2 Arrow Street

    Donald Martin (UCLA): Cantor's Grundlagen

    Cantor’s early (1883) Grundlagen einer allgemeinen Mannigfaltigkeitslehre is badly organized and has
    important errors and omissions. Nevertheless it is rich in content, and its concepts are in some ways
    superior to Cantor’s later ones.

    I will mainly concentrate on a few aspects of Grundlagen: (1) what might be called Cantor’s quasiaxiomatic,
    iterative account of ordinal numbers; (2) the role that something like a Replacement Axiom
    plays in this account...

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