Graduate Placement

Year Dissertation Title Primary Advisor Initial Position Current Position
2015-16 Species, Humans, and Transformations Hall University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (post-doc) Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University (post-doc)
2015-16 The Social Constitution of the Body: Bodily Alienation and Bodily Integrity Kelly Florida International University (TT) Florida International University (TT)
2015-16 Loving, Valuing, Regretting, and Being Oneself Scanlon Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University (post-doc) Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University (post-doc)
2015-16 Kant's Science of the Moral World and Moral Objectivity Korsgaard University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (non-TT) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (non-TT)
2015-16 Rational Reconstruction and the Construction of an Interlocutor Hall University of Chicago Law School (post-doc) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (post-doc)
2014-15 Essays on Biological Individuality Godfrey-Smith Dalhousie University (post-doc) Dalhousie University (post-doc)
2014-15 The Self-Body Problem in Descartes and Malebranche Simmons Temple University (TT) Temple University (TT)
2014-15 'Making People Happy, Not Making Happy People': A Defense of the Asymmetry Intuition in Population Ethics Scanlon Princeton University (TT) Princeton University (TT)
2014-15 On Perception's Role in Aristotle's Epistemology Jones Boston University (TT) Boston University (TT)
2014-15 The Normativity of Structural Rationality Scanlon Queen's University SSHRC (post-doc) Clinical Centre for Ethics, Toronto (private employment)
2013-14 Rights and Institutions in Intellectual Property Scanlon Private Employment  
2013-14 The Marriage of Rationalism and Empiricism: A New Approach to the Access Problem. Hall Australian National University (post-doc) Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (post-doc)
2013-14 Wrongs without Rights Korsgaard Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Legal Studies & Business Ethics Program (TT) Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Legal Studies & Business Ethics Program (TT)
2013-14 The Power of a Practical Conclusion Korsgaard Universidad de los Andes, Chile (post-doc) ICS, University of Navarra, Spain (non-TT)
2013-14 Conceptualism and Objectivity in Locke's Account of Natural Kinds Simmons St. Michael's College (TT) St. Michael's College (TT)
2013-14 Duties of Rescue: a Moderate Account Berker Private Employment  
2013-14 No Metaphysics Within Physics? Hall University of Birmingham (TT) Yale University (TT)
2012-13 Knowledge in Action Kelly Koç University, Turkey (TT) Koç University, Turkey (TT)
2012-13 The Commonwealth as Agent: Group Action, the Common Good, and the General Will Korsgaard Bates College (non-TT) Bates College (non-TT)
2012-13 Global Institutions and Relations among Non-Co-Citizens Scanlon Goethe University Frankfurt (post-doc) Seoul National University (TT)
2011-12 Topics in Philosophical Logic Goldfarb University of Oslo (post-doc) University of Texas, Austin (TT)
2010-11 Gilbert Ryle and Maurice Merleau-Ponty's Adverbialist Theory of Mind Moran University of Toronto (post-doc) SUNY Stony Brook (TT)
2010-11 Matters of Taste: Personal and Otherwise Scanlon University of Chicago Law School (post-doc) University of Pennsylvania Law School (TT)
2010-11 Neutrality, Independence and Publicity: a Kantian Account of Political Legitimacy Korsgaard University of Pittsburgh (non-TT) Trinity College, University of Toronto (TT)
2010-11 Investigations into the Applicability of Geometry Parsons University of Minnesota (post-doc) Carleton College (TT)
2010-11 Bodily Sensations: Nature, Location, and Extent Siegel University of Delhi (non-TT) Ashoka University (TT)
2010-11 Morality and Other Values: A Contractualist Perspective Scanlon Korea University (TT) Korea University (TT)
2009-10 Idealization, Explanation, and Fiction Godfrey-Smith Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Israel (post-doc) Hebrew University of Jerusalem (TT)
2009-10 Justice, Unequal Talents, and the Market Scanlon Princeton University (post-doc) Bowdoin College (TT)
2009-10 Reasoning as Action Siegel Bard College (TT) Bard College (TT)
2008-09 An Epistemological Argument for Moral Response-Dependence Korsgaard University of Oxford (post-doc) Central European University (Budapest) (TT)
2008-09 Divorcing the Good and the Right Scanlon Harvard University (post-doc) Claremont McKenna College (TT)
2008-09 Extending and Ending Life in Health Care and Beyond Kamm Private Employment  
2008-09 Nonsense, Truth, and Ineffability Goldfarb University of Pittsburgh (TT) University of Pittsburgh (TT)
2007-08 The Structure of Thought Siegel Washington University (post-doc) York University (TT)
2007-08 A Study of Rational Intuition Simmons University of Miami (TT) University of Miami (TT)
2007-08 In Defense of Phenomenalism: Why Berkeley Is Not All Wrong Simmons Syracuse University (TT) Carleton University (TT)
2007-08 What Lies Within: Essays on Phenomenology, Psychology, and Self-Knowledge Moran New College of Florida (post-doc) Colgate University (TT)
2007-08 Practical Reason and the Structure of Reflective Agency Moran University of New Mexico-Albuquerque (TT) Boston University (TT)
2007-08 Your Money or Your Life: Coercion in Personal and Political Contexts Korsgaard New York University (TT) University of Pittsburgh (TT)
2007-08 The Groundwork for Kant's Metaphysics of Experience Parsons University of Oklahoma (non-TT) Centre College (TT)
2007-08 Agency and the Mind-Body Problem Moran Bryn Mawr College (TT) Private Employment
2006-07 Punishment as Negative Reciprocity Scanlon Berman Institute of Bioethics, Johns Hopkins University (post-doc) Private Employment
2006-07 Interpersonal Relationships and the Conditions of Autonomy Korsgaard Northwestern University (TT) Northwestern University (TT)
2006-07 Vehicles of Meaning: Essays on Semantic Context-Dependence in Speech and Thought Siegel Columbia University (non-TT) Private Employment
2006-07 Freedom, Fairness, and Responsibility Scanlon St. John's College, University of Cambridge (non-TT) University of York (TT)
2005-06 Contextualism and Skepticism Moran Willamette University (TT) Willamette University (TT)
Academic Year Ph.D.s awarded No. on job market No. entering job market for the first time No. initially placed in academic positions No. initially placed in tenure-track positions
2015-16 5 8 5 6 1
2014-15 5 6 4 5 1
2013-14 7 10 4 8 4
2012-13 3        
2011-12 2        
2010-11 8        
2009-10 4        
2008-09 6        
2007-08 6        
2006-07 4        
2005-06 4        


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