Online Catalog (HOLLIS)

HOLLIS is Harvard University's online public-access catalog for all of its libraries.

Use the following link to search for materials in Robbins Library. Once the new page has opened, scroll down to the field marked "Location" and select "Robbins Philosophy" from the corresponding drop down menu. This will ensure that whatever you search for will be an item held by the Robbins Library.

Search HOLLIS+

If you are using a mobile phone, you can access Hollis+ by downloading the following mobile app. To search for material in Robbins, select "Robbins Philosophy" for "Location."

Below you will find a tutorial on how to use Hollis to search for items in Robbins.

Note: This video was created in 1080p HD. For best viewing, launch the video and pause it. Change the resolution to 1080p by clicking on the image of the gear and then select the Full Screen viewing mode before resuming the video.