Ronni Gura Sadovsky

Ronni Gura Sadovsky

JD/PhD candidate

Areas of Specialization: Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Applied Ethics
Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Race, Feminist Philosophy, Logic

Dissertation Title: Political Etiquette

My dissertation investigates the moral geometry and social implications of a type of social norm that I call political etiquette. The category of political etiquette norms includes norms forbidding rape jokes, blackface and flag-burning. I propose that we understand these norms as comprising a gestural idiom, whereby we indicate a commitment to treat vulnerable groups with respect.

I hold a BA with Highest Honors from Swarthmore College and a JD magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.

My current CV can be found here.

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Office Hours: by appt (Emerson 209a)