Ronni Gura Sadovsky

Ronni Gura Sadovsky

PhD/JD candidate
ronni gura sadovsky

Research Interests: Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Critical Theories of Race & Gender

Dissertation Title: The Moral Function of Communication Norms

My dissertation offers a qualified defense of the use of social norms to regulate our conduct — especially our discourse — in the service of social justice. I introduce these norms as a proper subject of normative appraisal and defend them against the charge that they are inherently coercive. I also identify some characteristic shortcomings in these strategies and recommend ways of structuring the norms and their enforcement to minimize these shortcomings.

Ronni majored in philosophy and linguistics at Swarthmore and will soon complete a degree in law from Harvard Law School. She is interested in non-ideal theories in political and moral philosophy as well as moral epistemology issues connected with ideology and self-deception.

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Office Hours: by appt (Emerson 103)

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