Tran (Jen) Nguyen

Tran (Jen) Nguyen

PhD candidate
Tran (Jen)  Nguyen

Research Interests: Early Modern Philosophy

Jen earned her bachelor's degree in philosophy and mathematics from the University of Southern California. She is primarily interested in the history of philosophy, though this interest often leads her into the neighboring fields of metaphysics and epistemology. At the moment, Jen is exploring early modern and medieval theories of space in order to see how these theories interact with various early modern theories of mind. For example, can immaterial things like Leibnizian monads, Cartesian souls and pains and tickles have a spatial location? If no, then just what is it about the nature of space or mind that makes this the case? If yes, then does the distinction between mind and body in the early modern period get blurred at all? In her spare time, Jen likes to draw faces, go for jogs and be silly.

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Office Hours: M 4-6 (Emerson 102)

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