Publications by Year: 2005

Hip Hop and Philosophy : Rhyme 2 Reason
Darby, Derrick, and Tommie Shelby. 2005. Hip Hop and Philosophy : Rhyme 2 Reason. Vol. . 16. Chicago: Open Court, . 16, xviii, 233 p. HOLLIS Abstract

DISK 1. DA MYSTERIES: GOD, LOVE, AND KNOWLEDGE – Yo! It ain't no mystery: who is God? / Derrick Darby – Ain't (just) 'bout da booty: funky reflections on love / Tommie Shelby – "You perceive with your mind": knowledge and perception / Mitchell S. Green – DISK 2. WHAT'S BEEF? RUMINATIONS ON VIOLENCE – "Y'all niggaz better recognize": Hip Hop's dialectical struggle for recognition / John P. Pittman – Rap aesthetics: violence and the art of keeping it real / Richard Shusterman – "F**k tha police state]": rap, warfare, and the leviathan / Joy James – DISK 3. THAT'S HOW I'M LIVIN': AUTHENTICITY, BLACKNESS, AND SEXUALITY – Does Hip Hop belong to me? The philosophy of race and culture / Paul C. Taylor – Queen bees and big pimps: sex and sexuality in Hip Hop / Kathryn T. Gines – Grown folks' business: the problem of maturity in Hip Hop / Lewis Gordon – DISK 4. WORD UP! LANGUAGE, MEANING, AND ETHICS – Knowshatumsayin'? How Hip-Hop lyrics mean / Stephen Lester Thompson – Girl got 99 problems: is Hip Hop one? / Sarah McGrath, Lidet Tilahun – "For all my niggaz and bitches": ethics and eptithets / J. Angelo Corlett – DISK 5. FIGHT THE POWER: POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY 'N THE HOOD – Microphone commandos: rap music and political philosophy / Bill E. Lawson – Halfway revolution: from that gangsta Hobbes to radical liberals / Lionel K. McPherson – Criminal-justice minded: retribution, punishment, and authority / Erin I. Kelly – Gettin' dis'd and gettin' paid: rectifying injustice / Rodney C. Roberts – After ... word! The philosophy of the Hip-Hop battle / Marcyliena Morgan.

We Who Are Dark : The Philosophical Foundations of Black Solidarity
Shelby, Tommie. 2005. We Who Are Dark : The Philosophical Foundations of Black Solidarity. Cambridge, Mass. Harvard University Press, xiv, 320 p. HOLLIS Abstract

Two conceptions of Black nationalism – Class, poverty, and shame – Black power nationalism – Black solidarity after Black power – Race, culture, and politics – Social identity and group solidarity.

Temporal Awareness
Kelly, Sean. 2005. “Temporal Awareness.” Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind, edited by David Woodruff Smith and Amie L Thomasson. Oxford: Clarendon Press. HOLLIS Abstract

Philosophical work on the mind flowed in two streams through the 20th century: phenomenology and analytic philosophy. This volume aims to bring them together again, by demonstrating how work in phenomenology may lead to significant progress on problems central to current analytic research, and how analytical philosophy of mind may shed light on phenomenological concerns. Leading figures from both traditions contribute specially written essays on such central topics as consciousness, intentionality, perception, action, self-knowledge, temporal awareness, and mental content. Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind demonstrates that these different approaches to the mind should not stand in opposition to each other, but can be mutually illuminating.