Publications by Year: 2013

Causation: A User's Guide
Hall, Ned, and Laurie Paul. 2013. Causation: A User's Guide. Oxford: Oxford University Press. HOLLIS
Context and the Attitudes
Richard, Mark. 2013. Context and the Attitudes. Vol. . 1. Oxford: Oxford University Press, . 1. HOLLIS Abstract

Introduction : mental states and their ascription – Direct reference and ascriptions of belief – Quantification and Leibniz's law – Attitude ascriptions, semantic theory, and pragmatic evidence – How I say what you think – Attitudes in context – Defective contexts, accommodation, and normalization – Propositional quantification – Sense, necessity, and belief – Semantic pretense – Intensional transitives and empty terms – Objects of relief – Meaning and attitude ascriptions – Kripke's puzzle.; Thirteen seminal essays by Mark Richard develop a nuanced account of semantics and propositional attitudes. The collection addresses a range of topics in philosophical semantics and philosophy of mind, and is accompanied by a new Introduction which discusses attitudes realized by dispositions and other non-linguistic cognitive structures.

Bioethical Prescriptions : To Create, End, Choose, and Improve Lives
Kamm, FM. 2013. Bioethical Prescriptions : To Create, End, Choose, and Improve Lives. Oxford: Oxford University Press, xiv, 599. HOLLIS Abstract

Rescuing Ivan Ilych – Conceptual issues related to ending life – Problems with "assisted suicide – Four-step arguments for physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia – Some arguments by Velleman concerning suicide and assisted suicide – Brody on active and passive euthanasia – A note on dementia and advance directives – Brain death and spontaneous breathing – Using human embryos for biomedical research – Ethical issues in using and not using human embryonic stem cells – Ronald Dworkin's views on abortion – Creation and abortion short – McMahan on the ethics of killing at the margins of life – Some conceptual and ethical issues in Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – Genes, justice, and obligations to future people – Moral status, personal Identity, and substitutability – What is and is not wrong with enhancement? – Health and equity – Health and equality of opportunity – Is it morally permissible to discontinue nontutile use of a scarce resource? – Aggregation, allocating scarce resources, and discrimination against the disabled – Rationing and the disabled – Learning from bioethics – The philosopher as insider and outsider – Theory and analogy in law and philosophy – Types of relations between theory and practice – Understanding, justifying, and finding oneself.