Temporal Awareness
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Philosophical work on the mind flowed in two streams through the 20th century: phenomenology and analytic philosophy. This volume aims to bring them together again, by demonstrating how work in phenomenology may lead to significant progress on problems central to current analytic research, and how analytical philosophy of mind may shed light on phenomenological concerns. Leading figures from both traditions contribute specially written essays on such central topics as consciousness, intentionality, perception, action, self-knowledge, temporal awareness, and mental content. Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind demonstrates that these different approaches to the mind should not stand in opposition to each other, but can be mutually illuminating.

Causation and Counterfactuals
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Collected Works
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v. 1. Publications 1929-1936 – v. 2. Publications 1938-1974 – v. 3. Unpublished essays and lectures – v. 4. Correspondence A-G – v. 5. Correspondence H-Z.

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The Difficulty of Tolerance : Essays in Political Philosophy
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A theory of freedom of expression – Rights, goals, and fairness – Due process – Preference and urgency – Freedom of expression and categories of expression – Human rights as a neutral concern – Contractualism and utilitarianism – Content regulation reconsidered – Value, desire, and quality of life – The difficulty of tolerance – The diversity of objections to inequality – Punishment and the rule of law – Promises and contracts.

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Propositional Attitudes : An Essay on Thoughts and How We Ascribe Them
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