Geting Involved

Undergraduate concentrators have a variety of ways to participate in and contribute to the life of the department, whether through work on the Harvard Review of Philosophy, peer advising, or by attending any of the department's many lectures or social events. In addition, concentrators are encouraged to submit their written work in consideration for the department's annual prizes.

Harvard Review of Philosophy

Founded in 1991, the Harvard Review of Philosophy is an annual journal of professional philosophy distributed to over a thousand philosophers, libraries, and universities throughout the world. Issues have included work by or interviews with many of the major figures in contemporary philosophy, including Noam Chomsky, Hubert Dreyfus, Sarah Kofman, Sir Karl Popper, Hilary Putnam, W. V. Quine, John Rawls, John Searle, and Bernard Williams.

The Review is edited and published by undergraduate philosophy students at Harvard University. The Review places no restraints on what sorts of philosophy it publishes; it seeks only to publish philosophical work that is interesting and insightful.

Department Colloquia

Every semester, several philosophers from around the country or from abroad are invited by the department to give talks. Undergraduates are invited to these talks, as well as to the receptions in Robbins Library afterwards. The talks and receptions present students with an opportunity to learn more about philosophy and philosophical research outside of Emerson Hall, as well as to get to know the faculty and teaching fellows outside of the classroom.

Talks usually take place on Friddays at 3 PM.  A full list of departmental colloquia is available on our Event Schedule page.

Logic Seminar and Colloquium

The department has a long history of interest in and contribution to the field of logic. Students interested in logic are invited to attend the Logic Colloquium, which meets roughly once a month and features a major figure in logic, speaking on a broad area of general interest. On occasion, there is a closely associated seminar talk, which meets during the preceding weeks and consists of presentations (by local students and faculty) on the background material for the upcoming colloquium.

Talks are held in the Harvard University Logic Center (2 Arrow Street, Room 420) at 4:00pm, unless otherwise noted. A full list for the Logic Colloquium is available on our Event Schedule page.

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