About the Department's Course Structure

The department's course offerings fall into several different areas:

  1. General Education courses that satisfy designated GenEd distribution requirements
  2. Freshman seminars (discussion based seminars for freshmen—application required)
  3. Philosophy tutorials (required for undergraduate concentrators)
  4. Introductory courses (3-99-level courses), generally for undergraduates
  5. Mid-level courses (100-level courses), for graduates and undergraduates
  6. Graduate seminars (200-level courses), for which enrollment is by permission of the instructor
  7. 300-level courses, for graduate students only

Faculty in the Department also offer courses in the General Education Curriculum and Core Curriculum, as well as Freshman Seminars.

For Students in all Programs

All students in the department--whether primary concentrators, joint concentrators, or those in the MBB Track--should check the Program Requirements for their particular program and consult with the appropriate faculty members when selecting their courses.

MBB Students

Students in the MBB Track will want to check the Courses of Instruction page for both Philosophy and Mind, Brain, and Behavior offerings.