Data regarding the department's record of graduate student placement appears below, with Ph.D. recipients grouped by the year their degrees were awarded. For each recipient, dissertation titles and primary advisor(s) are given, along with the recipient's initial and current employment. Where applicable, the following abbreviations have been used: T=tenured, TT=tenure-track, FT=fixed-term, PD=postdoc, PP=permanent position. (PP is used for academic placements in places where no tenure system exists, such as the UK.)

Dissertation Title (Primary Advisor) Ph.D. Year Initial Employment Current Employment
The Grounds of Law (Richard) 2022    
Causation in the Social World (Hall) 2022 Yale University (TT) Yale University (TT)
Responsibility for Implicitly-Biased Actions: A Strawsonian Approach (Korsgaard) 2022 Trustees of Reservations Trustees of Reservations
Perspectival Clashes: Salience as a Site of Contestation (Siegel) 2022 Columbia Society of Fellows (PD) Columbia Society of Fellows (PD)
Cultural Hegemony, Political Movements, and the Problem of Publicity (Richard) 2022 Boston University (TT) Boston University (TT)
Knowing With (Rinard) 2022 SUNY - Brockport (TT) SUNY - Brockport (TT)
The General Will: Rousseau, Kant, and Hegel (Korsgaard) 2022 Ahmedabad University (TT) Ahmedabad University (TT)
Coercive Proposals and Coercion's Effects (Scanlon) 2021 American Law Institute American Law Institute
Transparency and Recognition (Moran) 2021 University of Oxford (PD) University of Oxford (PD)
Bounded Rights: Citizenship in Non-Ideal Settings (Richard) 2021 Stanford University (PD) Stanford University (PD)
Self-Righteous Sentiment: On Blame and Its Norms (Berker) 2021 University of Oxford (PD) University of Oxford (PD)
Oppression, False Consciousness, and Emancipation (Shelby) 2021 Princeton University (PD) Princeton University (PD)
Strong Omega Consistency (Koellner) 2021 Pierrepont School Pierrepont School
Leibniz on Location (McDonough) 2021 Harvard College Writing Program Harvard College Writing Program
The Naturalism of Neo-Aristotelian Normative Naturalism (Korsgaard) 2021 University of Missouri, Instructional Design University of Missouri, Instructional Design
The Grounds of Sense: Kant's Image of Theoretical Finitude (Boyle, Kelly, Matherne) 2021 University of Pittsburgh (TT) University of Pittsburgh (TT)
Inquiry Under Bounds (Hall) 2020 Kellogg College, University of Oxford (PD) Kellogg College, University of Oxford (PD)
Three Essays on Aesthetic Experience (Moran) 2020 Professional Artist Professional Artist
Reasons and Percepts (Siegel) 2020 Washington University in St. Louis (TT) Washington University in St. Louis (TT)
Political Etiquette (Shelby) 2020 Trinity University (TT) Trinity University (TT)
The Appraisal of Belief (Berker) 2019 Mass. Department of Public Utilities, The Transportation Network Company Division Mass. Department of Public Utilities, The Transportation Network Company Division
Explanation and Social Scientific Modeling (Hall) 2019 McCoy Family Center for  Ethics in Society, Stanford University (PD) London School of Economics (PP)
Aristotle on the Epistemic Role of Passion (Jones) 2018 Northwestern University (TT) Northwestern University (TT)
Dependence on Persons and Dependence on Things in Rousseau's Social, Psychological, and Aesthetic Theory (Moran) 2018 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México  (PD) Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (PD)
The Ethics and Epistemology of Empathy (Moran) 2018 Tulane University (TT) University of California, Berkeley (TT)
Informal Political Representation: Normative and Conceptual Foundations (Shelby) 2018 San Francisco State University (TT) Stanford University (TT)
Into Question: An Account of Inquiry (Hall) 2018 Derek Bok Center, Harvard University Derek Bok Center, Harvard University
Matters of Life and Death (Kamm) 2018 Princeton University (PD) Center for Bioethics, New York University (FT)
Practical Cognitivism: An Essay on Normative Judgment (Korsgaard) 2018 Bennington College (FT) Deerfield Academy
Self-Consciousness in Kant's Moral Philosophy (Korsgaard) 2018 St. Andrew's School Davidson Academy
The Authority of Morality and the Recognition of Persons (Korsgaard) 2017 Michigan State University (FT) Miami University (FT)
Formal Analyticity (Koellner) 2017 Boston University (PD) University of Rochester (TT)
Objectivity and Intersubjectivity in Moral Philosophy (Berker) 2017 Private consulting firm Private consulting firm
Phenomenal Concepts, Transparency, and the Hard Problems of Consciousness (Hall) 2017 Southern Virginia University (TT) Southern Virginia University (TT)
Sovereign Sentiments: Conceptions of Self-Control in David Hume, Adam Smith, and Jane Austen (Simmons) 2017 Columbia University (PD) Fordham University (TT)
Acting from Thought about Action (Korsgaard) 2016 Auburn University (PD) Keble College, University of Oxford (FT)
Belief and Ameliorative Epistemology (Siegel) 2016 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PD) Duke Kunshan University (TT)
Counsel and Command: An Address-Dependent Account of Authority (Korsgaard) 2016 University of Zurich (PD) University of Zurich (PD)
The Social Constitution of the Body: Bodily Alienation and Bodily Integrity (Kelly) 2016 Florida International University (TT) Florida International University (TT)
Kant's Science of the Moral World and Moral Objectivity (Korsgaard) 2015 University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (FT) University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (TT)
Loving, Valuing, Regretting, and Being Oneself (Scanlon) 2015 Stanford University (PD) Hebrew University (TT)
On Perception's Role in Aristotle's Epistemology (Jones) 2015 Boston University (TT) Boston University (TT)
Rational Reconstruction and the Construction of an Interlocutor (Hall) 2015 University of Chicago (PD) Lincoln College, University of Oxford (PP)
Species, Humans, and Transformations (Hall) 2015 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (PD) Tufts University (PD)
The Self-Body Problem in Descartes and Malebranche (Simmons) 2014 Temple University (TT) Temple University (T)
Wrongs without Rights (Korsgaard) 2014 University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School (TT) University of Michigan, Law School (T)
Intellectual Property Rights and Institutions: A Pluralist Account (Scanlon) 2014 Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, Untereiner & Sauber Morgan Lewis
No Metaphysics within Physics? (Hall) 2014 Birmingham University (PP) Brown University (TT)
Essays on Biological Individuality (Godfrey-Smith) 2014 Dalhousie University (PD) University of Utah
Making People Happy, Not Making Happy People (Scanlon) 2014 Princeton University (TT) University of California, Berkeley (T)
The Normativity of Structural Rationality (Scanlon) 2014 Queen's University (PD) Centre for Clinical Ethics
Knowledge in Action (Kelly) 2013 Koç University (TT) Koç University (TT)
The Commonwealth as Agent: Group Action, the Common Good, and the General Will (Korsgaard) 2013 Bates College (PD) Bates College (TT)
Global Institutions and Relations among Non-Co-Citizens (Scanlon) 2013 Goethe University, Frankfurt (PD) Seoul National University (TT)
Three Papers on and around the Access Problem (Hall) 2013 Australian National University (PD) Ashoka University (T)
The Power of Practical Conclusion and Essays in the Economic Analysis of Legal Systems (Korsgaard) 2013 Universidad de los Andes University of California, Santa Barbara (TT)
Conceptualism and Objectivity in Locke's Account of Natural Kinds (Simmons) 2013 St. Michael's College (TT) St. Michael's College (T)
Duties of Rescue: A Moderate Account (Berker) 2013 Private employment Private employment
Topics in Philosophical Logic (Goldfarb) 2012 University of Oslo (PD) University of Texas, Austin (T)
Three Studies in the Theory of Function (Nickel) 2012 SIM University (PP) SIM University (PP)
Bodily Sensations: Nature, Location, and Extent (Siegel) 2011 Jawaharlal Nehru University (PD) Ashoka University (T)
The Contributions of Mathematics in Applications (Parsons) 2011 University of Minnesota (PD) Carleton College (TT)
Freedom, Authority, and Neutrality: A Kantian Account of Political Legitimacy (Korsgaard) 2011 University of Pittsburgh (FT) Trinity College, University of Toronto (TT)
Gilbert Ryle and Maurice Merleau-Ponty's Adverbialist Theory of Mind (Kelly) 2011 Stony Brook University (TT) Stanford University (FT)
Matters of Taste, Personal and Otherwise (Scanlon) 2011 University of Chicago, Law School (PD) University of Chicago, Law School (T)
Morality and Other Values: A Contractualist Perspective (Scanlon) 2010 Korea University (TT) Korea University (TT)
Justice, Unequal Talents, and the Market (Scanlon) 2010 Stanford University (TT) Bowdoin College (T)
Reasoning as Action (Siegel) 2010 Bard College (TT) Private employment
An Epistemological Argument for Moral Response-Dependence (Korsgaard) 2010 Oriel College, University of Oxford (PP) Central European University (T)
Idealization, Explanation, and Fiction (Godfrey-Smith) 2010 Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (PD) Hebrew University (PP)
Divorcing the Good and the Right (Scanlon) 2009 Harvard University, Program in Ethics and Health (PD) Claremont McKenna College (T)
Extending and Ending Life in Health Care and Beyond (Kamm) 2009    
Nonsense, Truth, and Ineffability (Goldfarb) 2009 University of Pittsburgh (TT) University of Pittsburgh (T)
Freedom, Fairness, and Responsibility (Scanlon) 2009 University of York (PP) University of York (PP)
Practical Reason and the Structure of Reflective Agency (Moran) 2008 University of New Mexico (TT) Boston University (T)
What Lies Within: Essays on Phenomenology, Psychology, and Self-knowledge (Moran) 2008 New College of Florida (PD) University of Memphis (TT)
In Defense of Phenomenalism: Why Berkeley Is Not All Wrong (Simmons) 2008 Syracuse University (TT) Carleton University (T)
Agency and the Mind-Body Problem (Moran) 2008 Bryn Mawr (TT) Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University
Your Money or Your Life: Coercion in Personal and Political Contexts (Korsgaard) 2008 New York University (TT) University of Pittsburgh (T)
The Problems of Skepticism (Moran) 2008   Willamette University (T)
Understanding, Reflection, and Intuition: An Essay in Rationalist Epistemology and Philosophy of Psychology (Simmons) 2008 University of Miami (TT) University of Miami (T)
The Structure of Thought (Siegel) 2008 Texas Tech University (TT) York University (T)