Research Opportunities

justin writing godel theorem

Research in philosophy is not organized as it is in the sciences, where a single primary investigator oversees and coordinates the work of many different members of a team, from other professors to post-docs to graduate students working on their Ph.D. to undergraduates. Instead, each philosopher's research is fairly self-contained. We share our work in progress with our peers to get feedback and develop our work, of course, but most philosophers don't have researchers doing their own research as part of a larger project.

That means that research opportunities for undergraduates usually take the form of finding funding to spend the summer learning about a topic and writing about it, perhaps in the context of a summer research program or a summer school. Some of these programs are Harvard Internal, some are more broadly based.

Harvard Programs

Other Programs

The programs outside of Harvard are constantly changing, so instead of giving you a list of programs, here are resources that continually update.

  • Diversity Institutes: There are various summer programs designed for students from traditionally underrepresented groups.
  • Over the course of the academic year, there are round-ups of philosophy summer programs. Daily Nous, a philosophy blog, often has these.