Paul Marcucilli receives Pforzheimer Summer Fellowship

April 12, 2016
paul marcucilli

Harvard Library recently announced that Paul Marcucilli will be one of five graduate students to receive a Pforzheimer Summer Fellowship for work on a library project this summer. Paul is the second graduate student from the Department of Philosophy to receive this fellowship, succeeding Olivia Bailey, who received it last year.

Now in its third year, the program aims "to provide an opportunity for graduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to learn about possible careers in libraries and to discover new ways in which they could provide long-term benefits for the world of learning, while also enhancing their own research skills by getting to know a great library from the inside." Paul will work with Robbins Librarian Eric Johnson-DeBaufre on a project designed to make the library's special collection of book marginalia--left by, among others, William James, Josiah Royce, George Santayana, and Charles Sanders Peirce--more accessible to researchers by providing enhanced descriptions of these collections and by promoting knowledge of them through social media.

This year's fellowship selection committee was chaired by historian Ann Blair, who noted that although the committee had received many strong applications "[we] were especially impressed by your clear vision of how you could both contribute to and benefit from this particular internship on the Annotated books Project."

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