Applying for Visitor Status

Applying for Visitor Status in the Department of Philosophy


Scholars may apply to spend three months to a year as a Visiting Scholar or Fellow with the possibility of up to a one-year reappointment.  These positions permit scholars to use the Harvard libraries and audit courses with the instructor’s permission.

Visiting Scholar appointments are intended for ladder faculty (usually a university or research center) who are expected to return to their home institutions after their Harvard visit

Scholars with a doctoral degree or equivalent, comparable professional experience, or advanced PhD status should apply for Visiting Fellow status through the GSAS Special Student and Visiting Fellow Program.  In general, the Philosophy Department will not consider an application for Visiting Fellow status from candidates without significant formal training in philosophy (typically, the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in philosophy, together with at least some post-graduate training)

Application Procedure


Applicants should send the following materials to Kimberly Costigan at

  1. an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
  2. a brief cover letter including type of visiting position (Visiting Scholar or Fellow in Philosophy) and start and end dates
  3. a description of research objectives while at Harvard.  The description should be no longer than two pages. The description must list a particular faculty member(s) that you want to meet with while at Harvard.  If relevant, please list courses you plan to audit.

Be sure to apply at least 6 months prior to your preferred start date.  Please be aware that it may take several months for international scholars to receive visas.
We will be in touch about the outcome of your application.