Harvard Logic Colloquium: Charles Parsons "Kreisel and Gödel"


Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 3:00pm to 4:00pm


Logic Center, Room 420, 2 Arrow Street
We present a narrative of Georg Kreisel’s relation to Kurt Gödel, based on their correspondence. What appears to have been their first contact was Kreisel’s application in 1955 for a year’s membership at the Institute for Advanced Study. This was granted and extended for a second year. Then Kreisel returned to his position at the University of Reading in England. But he began a wandering life, spending time at Reading, Stanford University, the University of Paris, and the IAS. In 1964 he achieved a permanent position at Stanford, with the understanding that his presence would be less than full time. The correspondence continued until 1972. Matters discussed were developments in mathematical logic, the health of both, plans for Kreisel to visit the IAS, and the careers of some other logicians. In a letter of 1972, which ended their correspondence, Kreisel broke off the relationship.