Whitehead Lectures: Amie L. Thomasson (Dartmouth College)


Friday, April 30, 2021, 3:00pm to 5:00pm


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55th Annual Whitehead Lectures: Amie L. Thomasson (Dartmouth College)

April 29th & 30th, 3pm - 5pm EDT

Please join the Harvard University Department of Philosophy as we present the 55th Annual Whitehead Lectures. Our guest lecturer this year is Prof. Amie L. Thomasson (Dartmouth College).

Both lectures are from 3pm - 5pm EDT.

April 29th:
Lecture 1: "Misdirections in Metaphysics"

April 30th:
Lecture 2: "Redirecting Metaphysics"


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photo of Prof. Amie L. Thomasson

Prof. Amie L. Thomasson

Chair, Philosophy Department and Daniel P. Stone Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy @Dartmouth College

Amie L. Thomasson is Professor of Philosophy. She specializes in metaphysics, metametaphysics, philosophy of art and literature, philosophy of mind, and phenomenology. She has also done work on artifacts, fictional characters, and social and cultural objects. At the moment, she is most interested in questions about what metaphysics, and philosophy more generally, can legitimately do, and how we can do it. She is the author of a lot of articles, and three books: Fiction and Metaphysics (Cambridge University Press, 1999), Ordinary Objects (Oxford University Press, 2007), and Ontology Made Easy (Oxford University Press, 2015). The last of these was awarded the Sanders Book Prize by the American Philosophical Association. Before coming to Dartmouth in 2017, she has held positions at the University of Miami, the University of Hong Kong, and Texas Tech University. She was recently named one of the "50 most influential living philosophers".



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