Gina Schouten blog post in Daily Nous: "Democratic Deliberation After Trump"

November 13, 2020
gina schouten


Gina Schouten has written a blog post titled "Democratic Deliberation After Trump" for the Daily Nous series "Philosophers on the 2020 US Election."


"Some will say that a quick move toward reconciliation or toward rebuilding the bedrock of shared values is misplaced: We can nurture our anger awhile longer; indeed, maybe we owe it to Trump’s victims to stay angry at his enablers..  But if the question is whether the possibility of democratic deliberation across difference is dead, I think an honest answer has to begin with admitting that some of us on the left really are just a little bit smug, just a little bit dismissive, and that maybe-just-maybe there’s an interest behind some conservatives’ antipathy that’s worth taking more seriously."

You can read the post here. Gina Schouten is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and the author of Liberalism, Neutrality, and the Gendered Division of Labor.