Jacob Blair, Sophia Li, and Lavanya Singh win 2022 Hoopes Prize

May 1, 2022
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Three Philosophy concentrators have been awarded the Hoopes Prize for the 2021-2022 academic year. Funded by the estate of Thomas T. Hoopes (Class of 1921), the Hoopes prize is awarded annually to undergraduates “on the basis of outstanding scholarly work or research... recognizing, promoting, honoring, and rewarding excellence in the work of undergraduates and their capabilities and skills in any subject, projects of research in science or the humanities, or in specific written work of the students under the instruction or supervision of the Faculty.”

The winners are:

Jacob Blair for his project entitled “We Can’t All Be Right: The Neural Correlates of Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion Statements in a Political Context”—supervised and nominated by Professor Mina Cikara.

Sophia Li for her project entitled “Friendship”—supervised and nominated by Dr. Jeffrey Behrends.

Lavanya Singh for her project entitled “Automated Kantian Ethics”—supervised and nominated by Professor Nada Amin and Dr. William Cochran.

Congratulations to our students on this amazing achievement!

You can read more about the prize and see the full list of winners here.