Susanna Rinard’s "Equal Treatment for Belief" Named One of Ten Best Articles from 2019 by Philospher's Annual

October 2, 2020
susanna rinard

The Department of Philosophy congratulates Associate Professor Susanna Rinard on her article “Equal Treatment for Belief” being chosen as one of the ten best philosophy articles of the year by The Philosopher’s Annual.  

Originally published in Philosophical Studies, Rinard’s article argues in favor of “equal treatment,” or the claim that “the question ‘What should I believe?’ is to be answered in the same way as the question ‘What should I do?’” This view "has important implications for a wide variety of issues, including the status of religious belief, philosophical skepticism, racial profiling and gender stereotyping, and certain issues in psychology, such as depressive realism and positive illusions."

Susanna Rinard is the John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Humanities, and you can read more about her article in the introduction to this year’s edition of the Philosopher’s Annual.