Susanna Siegel featured in LA Times Book Review interview on mob violence

October 28, 2021
Susanna Siegel photo

Professor Susanna Siegel has published a piece on mob violence as part of The Los Angeles Review of Books’ ongoing series, “Histories of Violence,” which is curated by political philosopher Brad Evans as part of his global Histories of Violence project.

 “Mobs are saturated with emotion. Rage and fury, offense and indignation, fear and terror — these are emotions that can move people to violence. Their intensity in the moment can easily create an illusion of spontaneity — especially when news coverage does not probe and publicize the surrounding situation.”

 Siegel is the Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy and the author of the books The Contents of Visual Experience (2010) and The Rationality of Perception (2017) through Oxford University Press. You can read more about Professor Susanna Siegel’s work here.

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