Hip Hop and Philosophy : Rhyme 2 Reason


Darby, Derrick, and Tommie Shelby. 2005. Hip Hop and Philosophy : Rhyme 2 Reason. Vol. . 16. Chicago: Open Court, . 16, xviii, 233 p.
Hip Hop and Philosophy : Rhyme 2 Reason


DISK 1. DA MYSTERIES: GOD, LOVE, AND KNOWLEDGE – Yo! It ain't no mystery: who is God? / Derrick Darby – Ain't (just) 'bout da booty: funky reflections on love / Tommie Shelby – "You perceive with your mind": knowledge and perception / Mitchell S. Green – DISK 2. WHAT'S BEEF? RUMINATIONS ON VIOLENCE – "Y'all niggaz better recognize": Hip Hop's dialectical struggle for recognition / John P. Pittman – Rap aesthetics: violence and the art of keeping it real / Richard Shusterman – "F**k tha police state]": rap, warfare, and the leviathan / Joy James – DISK 3. THAT'S HOW I'M LIVIN': AUTHENTICITY, BLACKNESS, AND SEXUALITY – Does Hip Hop belong to me? The philosophy of race and culture / Paul C. Taylor – Queen bees and big pimps: sex and sexuality in Hip Hop / Kathryn T. Gines – Grown folks' business: the problem of maturity in Hip Hop / Lewis Gordon – DISK 4. WORD UP! LANGUAGE, MEANING, AND ETHICS – Knowshatumsayin'? How Hip-Hop lyrics mean / Stephen Lester Thompson – Girl got 99 problems: is Hip Hop one? / Sarah McGrath, Lidet Tilahun – "For all my niggaz and bitches": ethics and eptithets / J. Angelo Corlett – DISK 5. FIGHT THE POWER: POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY 'N THE HOOD – Microphone commandos: rap music and political philosophy / Bill E. Lawson – Halfway revolution: from that gangsta Hobbes to radical liberals / Lionel K. McPherson – Criminal-justice minded: retribution, punishment, and authority / Erin I. Kelly – Gettin' dis'd and gettin' paid: rectifying injustice / Rodney C. Roberts – After ... word! The philosophy of the Hip-Hop battle / Marcyliena Morgan.


Includes bibliographical references, discography (p. 213-216), and index.; HOLLIS no. 009841287


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