The Idea of Justice


Sen, Amartya. 2009. The Idea of Justice. Cambridge, Mass. Harvard University Press, xxviii, 467 p.
The Idea of Justice


Introduction: An approach to justice – The demands of justice. – Reason and objectivity – Rawls and beyond – Institutions and persons – Voice and social choice – Impartiality and objectivity – Closed and open impartiality – Forms of reasoning. – Position, relevance and illusion – Rationality and other people – Plurality of impartial reasons – Realizations, consequences and agency – The materials of justice. – Lives, freedoms and capabilities – Capabilities and resources – Happiness, well-being and capabilities – Equality and liberty – Public reasoning and democracy. – Democracy as public reason – The practice of democracy – Human rights and global imperatives – Justice and the world.; Presents an analysis of what justice is, the transcendental theory of justice and its drawbacks, and a persuasive argument for a comparative perspective on justice that can guide us in the choice between alternatives.


Includes bibliographical references and indexes.; HOLLIS no. 011967208


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