Céline Leboeuf accepts tenure-track position at FIU

March 10, 2016
celine leboeuf

Céline Leboeuf, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Philosophy, has accepted a tenure-track position in the philosophy department of Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida. She will begin her new position in the fall of 2016.

In 2015, Leboeuf was selected as one of eight Harvard Horizons Scholars. This prestigious award recognizes students "whose ideas, innovations, and insights have the potential to reshape their disciplines."

Her dissertation, The Social Constitution of the Body, combines work in the phenomenological tradition, feminist philosophy, and critical theories of race and gender "to argue that the body is a locus of both social norms and resistance to them." Leboeuf makes the case that "the constitution of the body is a matter of negotiating social pressures by illuminating three phenomena: (i) the tendency, inflected by gender norms, to identify with certain fetishized body parts and to modify one’s body accordingly, (ii) the sense of alienation and the physical incapacitation that the gaze can provoke under race- and gender-based oppressions, and (iii) the bodily habits that marginalize members of minority racial groups. In each case, I highlight our capacity to respond to oppressive norms using our bodies."

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