Prescott-Couch publishes "Explanation and Manipulation" in Noûs

November 15, 2016
alexander prescott-couch

Alexander Prescott-Couch (Harvard University, PhD) has had his article "Explanation and Manipulation" accepted for publication in the journal Noûs. Prescott-Couch, who is currently a postodoctoral associate at MIT, received his PhD from Harvard in 2015 for his dissertation Rational Reconstruction and the Construction of an Interlocutor, which combined work in democratic theory and philosophy of science to explore how journalists and social scientists enable our understanding of others through the construction of idealized--purposefully inaccurate--interpretations of their persepctives.

Prior to moving to MIT, he was a Law and Philosophy Fellow at The University of Chicago. His work has also been published in The Journal of Nietzsche Studies.