Zoe Jenkin and Susanna Siegel co-edit special issue

March 24, 2016
review of philosophy and psychology

Philosophy graduate student Zoe Jenkin and Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy Susanna Siegel have co-edited a special issue of The Review of Philosophy and Psychology.

The issue, which focuses on cognitive penetrability and addresses topics such as perceptual justification and implicit bias, contains contributions by philosophers and psychologists Gary Lupyan, Fiona Macpherson, Reginald Adams, Anya Farennikova, Jona Vance, Francisco Marchi, and Robert Cowan. In addition to co-editing the volume, Jenkins and Siegel also co-authored the introductory essay, "Cognitive Penetrability: Modularity, Epistemology, and Ethics."

The full text of the issue is available at PhilPapers.

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