Context and the Attitudes


Richard, Mark. 2013. Context and the Attitudes. Vol. . 1. Oxford: Oxford University Press, . 1.
Context and the Attitudes


Introduction : mental states and their ascription – Direct reference and ascriptions of belief – Quantification and Leibniz's law – Attitude ascriptions, semantic theory, and pragmatic evidence – How I say what you think – Attitudes in context – Defective contexts, accommodation, and normalization – Propositional quantification – Sense, necessity, and belief – Semantic pretense – Intensional transitives and empty terms – Objects of relief – Meaning and attitude ascriptions – Kripke's puzzle.; Thirteen seminal essays by Mark Richard develop a nuanced account of semantics and propositional attitudes. The collection addresses a range of topics in philosophical semantics and philosophy of mind, and is accompanied by a new Introduction which discusses attitudes realized by dispositions and other non-linguistic cognitive structures.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 283]-285) and index.; HOLLIS no. 013655701


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